Decoding the Networking Enigma

Dashmeet Kaur
3 min readMay 19


Unveiling the Secrets to Success (Without Losing Your Boss or Your Soul)

Networking — this mysterious practice has been shrouded in myths and misconceptions for far too long.

I am here to shed light on this subject and present a fresh perspective that will (hopefully) empower you to navigate the networking landscape with confidence and integrity.

So, grab your virtual business cards and join me on a journey to decode the networking enigma.

Myth #1: Only Extroverts Need To Apply

Contrary to popular belief, networking isn’t reserved exclusively for extroverts.

In fact, the magic lies in embracing your authentic self and finding a networking style that suits your personality. Whether you’re an introvert who thrives in meaningful one-on-one conversations or an ambivert who can effortlessly navigate both intimate gatherings and vibrant group settings, there’s a place for you in the networking universe.

It’s time to break free from the limitations imposed by stereotypes and unleash your networking prowess.

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Myth #2: The Boss is Watching

Gone are the days of concealed networking endeavors.

Today, progressive leaders understand the inherent value of networking and its positive impact on professional growth. So, instead of hiding your networking pursuits from your boss, consider opening up about your aspirations.

By fostering transparency, you may find that your boss becomes a valuable ally, offering support and guidance to further fuel your networking success.

Embrace the opportunity to turn your boss into a networking advocate.

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Myth #3: Networking is Selfish

Networking is often unfairly labeled as a self-serving act.

However, the true essence of networking lies in creating value for others and forging genuine relationships. It’s about fostering a culture of collaboration, where knowledge and resources are freely shared.

By contributing your expertise, insights, and support to others, you not only enhance their journeys but also position yourself as a valuable asset within your network. It embeds the power of collaboration and helps you in your own professional growth.

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Myth #4: The More Events, the Better

It’s a common misconception that attending countless networking events will automatically lead to success.

However, quality far outweighs quantity in the networking realm. Rather than spreading yourself too thin, focus on selecting events that align with your goals and interests.

By choosing wisely, you can immerse yourself in focused environments that foster deep connections and meaningful interactions. Remember, it’s the quality of your engagements that will open doors to unforeseen opportunities and serendipitous encounters.

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As we wrap up the journey through the world of networking, it’s time to let go of the myths and misconceptions that have held you back.

Networking is a powerful tool for professional growth and personal enrichment, and it’s accessible to all, regardless of personality type. By embracing authenticity, transparency, and the spirit of collaboration, you can forge genuine connections, contribute value to others, and create a network that propels you to new heights.

So, as a fellow professional, I encourage you to step into the realm of networking with confidence and unlock the secrets to success — without compromising your integrity or fearing the watchful eye of your bosses.

The networking world is yours to conquer, one meaningful connection at a time.



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