Embracing Personal Touch: Finding Magic Beyond (the Bubbles)

Dashmeet Kaur
2 min readJun 19, 2023


Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

Yesterday, as I drove back home, I was stuck at many traffic signals along the way. Just like any other signal, there were salesmen trying to sell their products; offering window screens to shield cars from the scorching heat and unique toys that made quirky sounds.

Among the many items on display, one thing, in particular, caught my attention: the bubble-maker.

Instantly, it took me back to my childhood days when I would insist on finding the perfect bubble maker — one that could blow big flawless bubbles and chase the sun.

My mom used to make a “secret solution” (of dish soap and water) and soon after, I would race to the verandah with the bubble wand in my hand, ready to see the bubbles soar and cross the imaginary finish line.

Sometimes, the first few tries would cause the bubbles to pop almost immediately, while others would float for a brief moment before disappearing, leaving behind a display of rainbow colors in the sunlight.

Other times, I would find success in the first attempt at blowing that one perfect bubble and then run alongside it, clearing any obstacles in its path, unaware of its inevitable fate to burst.

I still remember the pure joy in my heart; of (almost) creating something magical.

Lost in my nostalgic reverie, I sat in the car, gazing at this brand-new, modernized version of the bubble-maker shaped like a gun.

The salesman dipped it in the solution, then effortlessly pulled the trigger, and the bubbles floated together following the direction he pointed.

As much as I was captivated, I realized something odd.

All the bubbles looked the same, starting and popping in unison.

There was no “special one” in the group.

It felt too mechanical; there was zero effort, just one gentle nudge on the trigger and all the bubbles floated together (almost in a disciplined fashion.)

While this bubble-maker machine was convenient and churned out so many bubbles, it lacked that personal touch and uniqueness.

It lacked the joy of blowing those oddly-shaped bubbles and failing multiple times before watching that one big bubble come alive.

This article is not about bubbles alone; it serves as an invitation to embrace personal touch and uniqueness in every aspect of your life.

It encourages you to resist the pressure to conform, follow preordained paths, or settle for easily attainable solutions.

Instead, relish the pursuit of your passions, engage in creative endeavours, and savour the moments that require effort, persistence, and individuality.

By doing so, you can breathe life into your experiences, infusing them with the magic that only personal touch can bring.

So, I encourage you to seek out opportunities for self-expression, creativity, and the pursuit of your own version of “magical” experiences.



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