Winning as One: The Two Vital Ingredients

Dashmeet Kaur
2 min readJun 11, 2023


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We all like to win.

Win every game with your friends.

Win the attention of people who you work with (and work for).

And according to the current trend, win the internet!

But, what about winning as a team?

If I was writing this six months ago, I would have no idea.

These past few months taught me the power of unity and how different people can move in harmony together to create something meaningful.

I want to explain this with an analogy:

Imagine yourself on the cricket field, unsure of which wickets to defend or which team you should be supporting.

Or think of a hockey match where you are the captain, but your team is confused about the rules of penalties and scoring goals.

This analogy serves as a reminder to reflect on my own team and ask the vital question: “Does my team know how I expect them to win?”

Here’s what I did as a leader (and still do) to find what fits:

Defining the Winning Strategy
In sports like cricket and hockey, teams require a clear game plan to succeed.

Similarly, as a team leader, I clearly define my team’s winning strategy (this takes time and conscious effort).

But primarily includes:
- Clear communication of objectives
- Desired outcomes and steps to achieve them

Transparent Roles and Expectations
Just as sports players need to understand their roles, as a team lead it is my responsibility to have clear expectations from my team.

I do this by:
- Transparently communicating individual roles, responsibilities, and clarifying their career expectations
- Ensuring everyone understands how their contributions fit into the bigger picture

Encourage a Supportive Environment
It’s a no-brainer that teams thrive in an environment of trust and support. But it’s not an easy feat to achieve.

This is why I attempt to keep an open mind about:

- Active listening

- Celebrating achievements

- Encouraging open communication

- Giving and receiving constructive feedback

- Finding sustainable solutions during challenges

- Providing the necessary resources for growth

I have found that the more informed and aware my team is, the easier it is to win.

And now, about the two major ingredients in the title?

Unmatched support and practicing trust.

That’s my formula to create a winning culture.



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